Melaleuca Park Primary School

Welcome to Melaleuca Park Primary School

Martu Karu

Welcome to Melaleuca Park Primary School.

Melaleuca Park is located in the idyllic city of Mount Gambier and formed in 2010 from the amalgamation of the separate East Gambier Primary and Junior Primary schools.

Our school vision that everyone will achieve their potential as learners is underpinned by our values of Respect and Hope. We are a part of the Blue Lake Partnership with whom we share a commitment to develop powerful learners.

We welcome families and care givers as a part of an educating community where we value each child as rich in potential and honour the unique rhythms of every child's developmental journey. Inspired by Reggio Emilia, we share collective responsibility for the learning of every child and our educators work with and alongside children to progress their learning in such a way that involves them and their family in the process. We are committed to building children's social capabilities and strong dispositions for learning alongside their literacy and numeracy skills because we educate the whole child.


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