About our school

At Melaleuca Park Primary School we invite children to:

  • grow academically, socially and emotionally.
  • be courageous.
  • collaborate.
  • be inquirers, researchers and problem solvers.
  • have fun, wonder and be amazed.

Learning begins from birth and happens in relationship with each other. That’s why we’re committed to involving children, parents/carers and teachers as active participants in learning, growth and development.

Everyone in the Melaleuca Park Community has rights and responsibilities. We’re all learners, listeners and educators in partnership with our community. We respect each child’s own identity and uniqueness during their development. This is how we create a safe learning community and environments that care for and support every child’s wellbeing.

Our vision

We believe that children are competent, powerful and rich in potential. We invite children and their families into an inclusive learning community to grow academically, physically, socially and emotionally. We walk alongside families to support and nurture every child’s development so that they can become active, informed citizens.

Our values

  • Be Kind
  • Work Hard
  • Dream Big

The school community continues to grow stronger networks with many local families utilising numerous activities and support programs.

Gemma Brodie

Governing council chairperson