Sports Day

At the end of Term 1, our primary school comes alive with the vibrant spirit of sportsmanship during our much-awaited Sports Day. This thrilling event is a true celebration of teamwork, athleticism, and camaraderie.

Our school is divided into three spirited teams, each with its own unique identity. The yellow Sunbursts, the Blue Lakers, and the fiery Red Volcanoes compete with all their might, bringing out the competitive yet friendly rivalry that makes this day so special.

But Sports Day isn’t just about winning; it’s about having a blast! Families and friends are warmly invited to join us as we transform our school grounds into a hub of excitement. From early morning until late afternoon, there’s a lineup of fun activities that cater to all interests and abilities. Whether your child excels in athletic skills or prefers the thrill of novelty events, there’s something for everyone. Laughter, smiles, and a sense of accomplishment fill the air as students give their all in various games and challenges.

And let’s not forget the highlight of the day – the Championship Sprints.  Our fastest runners go head-to-head in a heart-pounding showdown. It’s a moment of glory and pride that will be remembered for years to come.