Our students engage in fortnightly cooking lessons with their class. These practical lessons equip students with essential life skills.

During these interactive classes, students delve into the art of cooking and work together to produce a meal or snack they can share. They learn to follow recipes, measure ingredients, and  follow step-by-step instructions. Safety is of utmost importance, and students become adept at handling kitchen tools and equipment cautiously, ensuring their well-being at all times.

Emphasis is placed on kitchen hygiene, teaching students the significance of cleanliness, proper handwashing, and maintaining a neat cooking area. These habits extend beyond the kitchen, promoting a healthier lifestyle overall.

Yet, these classes are not solely about acquiring skills. Students discover the satisfaction of creating a meal to share with others, fostering a sense of unity, cooperation, and an appreciation for culinary arts.

Additionally, our cooking lessons encompass the art of cleanup. Students take responsibility for washing dishes and tidying up, instilling a sense of accountability and pride.

By participating in these lessons,  students not only become skilled chefs but also gain a deeper understanding of teamwork, hygiene, and the joys of sharing a meal together. It’s a recipe for success that extends beyond the kitchen!