Principal and staff profiles

Welcome from our Principal

Ms Erica Hurley, School Principal

As the Principal I believe that strong relationships are the foundation for a successful school. I am committed to nurturing a school environment where trust, respect, and open communication flourish among students, parents, teachers, and staff.  I prioritise the physical and emotional wellness of our students through a holistic approach to education and academic understanding forms the core of our mission to create an environment that fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and a love of learning.

Meet our staff

Meet our staff

Natasha Hemmings-Dunn

Deputy Principal

Natasha Hemmings-Dunn, Deputy Principal

Shalene Venn

Student Wellbeing Leader & Nurture Teacher

Shalene Venn, Student Wellbeing Leader & Nurture Teacher

Rachel Beavis

Aboriginal Education Teacher & UP NIT

Rachel Beavis, Aboriginal Education Teacher & UP NIT

Haidee Allen

JP Special Options Teacher

Haidee Allen, JP Special Options Teacher

Vanessa Maxwell

Autism Lead Teacher & JP NIT

Vanessa Maxwell, Autism Lead Teacher & JP NIT

Jaymee Harkness

Rec/1 Teacher

Jaymee Harkness, Rec/1 Teacher

Kathy Lang

Year 1/2 Teacher

Kathy Lang, Year 1/2 Teacher

Emma Brown

Year 3/4 Teacher

Emma Brown , Year 3/4 Teacher

Karissa Schultz

Year 4/5 Teacher

Karissa Schultz, Year 4/5 Teacher

Jayde Peacock

Year 5/6 Teacher

Jayde Peacock, Year 5/6 Teacher

Julie-ann Sams

Permanent Relief Teacher

Julie-ann Sams, Permanent Relief Teacher

Nicole Copping

MP NIT Teacher

Nicole Copping, MP NIT Teacher

Annette Hinton

Administration Manager

Annette Hinton, Administration Manager

Trudy Horsburgh

Finance Officer

Trudy Horsburgh, Finance Officer

Georgia Ryan


Georgia Ryan, ACEO

Jen Buchanan

Pastoral Support Worker

Jen Buchanan, Pastoral Support Worker

Josh Lynagh

HUB coordinator

Josh Lynagh, HUB coordinator

Georgia Revill

Support Staff

Georgia Revill, Support Staff

Rachael Rout

Support Staff

Rachael Rout, Support Staff

Michelle McKinnon

Support Staff

Michelle McKinnon, Support Staff

Rachel Larsen

Support Staff

Rachel Larsen, Support Staff

Billie Jones

Support Staff

Billie Jones, Support Staff

Tara Hosking

Support Staff

Tara Hosking, Support Staff

Shani Henderson

Support Staff

Shani Henderson, Support Staff

Tracy Eady

Support Staff

Tracy Eady, Support Staff

Melissa Griffith

Support Staff

Melissa Griffith, Support Staff

Brody Allison

Support Staff

Brody Allison, Support Staff

Kath Blacketer

Support Staff

Kath Blacketer, Support Staff